Is maintenance necessary?2019-05-24T15:24:04+02:00

Yes, just like any mechanic system our Cardoks require regular maintenance. We propose various maintenance contracts, according to the installation and your requirements.

Can I use it for anything other than a car?2019-05-24T15:23:37+02:00

Yes, boats, classic motorcycles or why not use it as a cellar. The useable area is 2.4m x 5.3m and 2m high. (Made to measure options available)

Can I park a 2.8t car?2019-05-24T15:23:12+02:00

Yes, of course, even 2 cars of that weight. This parking solution is designed to lift a 3t vehicle on each platform in standard models and even up to 50t with our rigid chains technology.

What’s the noise impact?2019-05-24T15:22:46+02:00

None as all technical parts are hidden underground. The system is hydraulic and therefore virtually silent. For Carlift with Rigid Chains only the chains produce some minor noise as it’s entirely electric.

How much time for the installation?2019-05-24T15:21:24+02:00

5 days for a Cardok with hydraulic scissors and 15 days for a Cardok with rigid chains: assembly in the concrete pit, electrical installation and connecting to drainage system.

Is constructing permission required?2019-05-24T15:20:56+02:00

Yes, construction permission is required as for a standard garage. However, since it’s entirely underground there are no property limit restrictions. You can therefore install them anywhere you wish. In some cases, even in forest zones.

What happens if there’s a power cut?2019-05-24T15:18:40+02:00

In the unlikely event of a power cut each Cardok is supplied with a small back-up generator so you will always be able to access your car.