The system is under control of the user thanks to a “hold-to-run” remote control

To operate the Cardok, the button must be held pressed during the whole movement of the platforms. The lift stops whenever the pressure is released.

In the event of a power cut, a small back-up generator will ensure the lift can still be raised.

There is a possibility to install an anti-crushing safety rubber all around the platform for more security.

Convert your old garage

It is sometimes difficult to expand your house (property limits, constructible area etc.) The solution is to install our revolutionary parking and expand your house by for example converting your garage. There are no property limits to observe since the parking is hidden underground! You can therefore install it wherever you want on your property.


More secure than a garage, Cardok is an extremely safe form of parking

Compared to a traditional garage, it is inaccessible when in the lowered position. The upper platform closes flush with the ground. Entirely made in solid metal, it is inviable and water tight.

Cardok takes up less surface area than a traditional garage as there are no external walls to erect. There is no visual impact on the surrounding area.