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Cardok Multi

Cardok Carlift

Double your parking space

Cardok is the underground parking solution that doubles your parking space and provides greater security than a locked garage. And it looks pretty good too.

Cardok products come in standard sizes or can be made to measure. All options are possible, depending on your preference and liking. They can be installed practically almost anywhere.
Please call us today on +41 22 776 60 51 or contact us by email to receive an offer without any obligation.

Make better use of your garage

Your existing garage can be transformed into a usable living space. This transformation can be easily completed by installing a Cardok in front of your existing garage or in your driveway. Cardok is designed to allow cars to drive through the top platform.

How can you use the vacant space?
You can create an extra bedroom, a bathroom, a gym or even install a home cinema. Transform your home while increasing the protection and security for your car. Cardok increases the value of your property.